This program is suitable for children in the age group between 2 to 3 years. We open the world of learning for the children of Pre-Nursery through play.

Innovative teaching methods are adopted to provide a creative learning environment for the Pre- School students. Our playschool teaching methodologies adopt selected Montessori techniques and methodologies of Play-way method that includes hands-on activities, role-play, art, craft, music and movements, story telling involving various specialized educational materials.

Our teaching methods also focus on cognitive skill development, gross motor development, fine motor development, language development, personal and social development of the child as well. We maintain a perfect balance of creativity and flexibility of the education offered to this age group that fosters the different learning styles of every child enrolled.


This program is suitable for children in the age group between 3 to 4 years.

The areas of learning we focus here is creative development, language development, numerical skill development, science, understanding of the society and world, communicative and personality development of the child.

Letter- study method is used to teach capital and small letters. The 'Learning- by- doing' philosophy is implemented through hands-on activities in this program. Through this teaching method students develop the ability and skills of thinking and doing the activity. Our nursery activities helps children to experience, describe, feel, evaluate, analyze, conclude and learn. Our methodology helps in understanding the value of each activity. Due importance is given to help students acquire the skills and qualities of group activities as well.


This Program is created for students between the age group of 4 to 5 years

The method of teaching used is to motivate children and kinder their enthusiasm and curiosity. Learning happens to children of this age group in different ways. We present lessons and concepts in a well-structured step-by-step method.

At this age we are focused to expand their vocabulary skills. Every single day of school they are introduced to spell and understand new words. Process of reading books is also introduced. Students are not only taught about scientific concepts but are prepared to learn more advanced sciences. Understanding size, shapes, distances and many other innovative mathematical concepts are taught along with simple maths. This base of maths that we teach gives a strong foundation for advanced maths they have to learn in higher grades. Lessons are made more interesting with the help of teaching materials used to learn social science.

Our educational instructors hold a lot of patience, concentration, and clear subject goals.


Children between the age group of 5 to 6 are suitable for this course. Thematic method is adapted to teach this age group. Lessons and activities are planned based on themes selected for various subject.

In the UKG course complete focus is in providing a strong base for their primary education. In language study, grammar is given due importance to help children understand reading and writing skills in the right manner. Memorization is also involved. The lessons that we follow help children find a love for reading. We focus to help the child read, write and spell correctly.

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, simple problem solving, ordinals, and basic maths are revised and taught in this course. 'Learning by Doing, method is adapted to teach science. Every time a new scientific concept is introduced relevant scientific experiments are conducted, children actively participate and learn science and its creations. Knowledge on social science is a subject of interest to this age group.

Director's Note

We believe to learn, is to be creative.

Providing the right opportunity to develop the intellectual, physical, emotional, linguistic and social skills that will stimulate a child's imagination to grow, develop and to be creative.

At Coronal, our best achievements are seen in the happiness and smile our student's carry along every single day of school with us. Children that are happy always end up being very successful learners; this provides the base for our philosophy. Our well - balanced curriculum and the stimulating environment we provide help the child experience a natural learning process, which they are born to crave.

Welcome to Coronal Kindergarten.