Complete classroom freedom is required for any teacher to be at her best in every class she gives. Our teachers enjoy this freedom. Our work culture is very teacher-friendly.

Coronal provides a very stimulating and learning environment for our teachers. Periodic training and coaching in techniques and methodology of teaching is facilitated for all our educational instructors. Updates on various new learning activities and teaching materials are made available.

If you like being with young children and find teaching them interesting, wanting to explore creative teaching, than you are the educator we are looking for.

If you wish to be a part of our team Email your profile to

Director's Note

We believe to learn, is to be creative.

Providing the right opportunity to develop the intellectual, physical, emotional, linguistic and social skills that will stimulate a child's imagination to grow, develop and to be creative.

At Coronal, our best achievements are seen in the happiness and smile our student's carry along every single day of school with us. Children that are happy always end up being very successful learners; this provides the base for our philosophy. Our well - balanced curriculum and the stimulating environment we provide help the child experience a natural learning process, which they are born to crave.

Welcome to Coronal Kindergarten.