3-June-2015School Re-Opens for all classes
5-June-2015Books and Uniform distribution
22-June-2015PTA meeting for Nursery Parents
25-June-2015Fruit Market Show- LKG
1-July-2015Doctor's Day Celebration
13-July-2015Coloring Competition - UKG
15-July-2015PTA meeting for Pre-Nursery students
18-July-2015Ramzan - Holiday
27-July-2015Colouring Competition - LKG
4-August-2015Vegetable show - Nursery
14-August-2015Fancy Dress Competition
14-August-2015Independence Day Celebration
15-August-2015Independence Day - Holiday
21-August-2015Book Drive - LKG and UKG
4-September-2015Teachers Day Celebration
11-September-2015Toys Drive - Play School and Nursery
24-September-2015Bakrid - Holiday
28-September-2015Singing Competition - LKG and UKG
29-September-2015Rhymes Competition - Play School and Nursery
2-October-2015Gandhi Jayanthi - Holiday
5-October-2015First Term Exams - For all classes
12-October-2015Mahalaya Amavasya - Holiday
15-October-2015Last working day
16-October-2015Dhasara Holidays begins
28-October-201 Re-opens
2-November-2015Open House - Nursery
4-November-2015Open House - LKG
4-November-2015Open House- UKG
10-November-2015Naraka Chaturdasi - Holiday
12-November-2015Bali Padyami - Holiday
13-November-2015Children's Day Celebration
20-November-2015Musical play - Play School and Nursery
27-November-2015Musical play - LKG and UKG
28-November-2015<Holiday - Kanakadasa Jayanthi
18-December-2015Christmas Celebration - Last working day
4-January-2016School Re-opens
14-January-2016Sankranti Celebrations
15-January-2016Holiday - Makara Sankranti
20-January-2016Dramatics - LKG and UKG
26-January-2016Holiday - Republic Day
29-January-2016Graduation Day- UKG
1-February-2016Staff Meeting
8-February-2016Class Photo
18-February-2016Drawing Competition-LKG and UKG
22-February-2016PTA - Pre-Nursery
24-February-2016PTA- Nursery
26-February-2016PTA - LKG and UKG
14-March-2016Final Exams - All Classes
24-March-2016Last day of Exams- Class Party
25-March-2016Holiday - Good Friday
28-March-2016Results - Play School and Nursery
29-March-2016Summer Camp Commences
15-April-2016Summer Camp Closes
18-April-2016Summer Coaching Classes begins
20-May-2016Summer Coaching Classes closes

Director's Note

We believe to learn, is to be creative.

Providing the right opportunity to develop the intellectual, physical, emotional, linguistic and social skills that will stimulate a child's imagination to grow, develop and to be creative.

At Coronal, our best achievements are seen in the happiness and smile our student's carry along every single day of school with us. Children that are happy always end up being very successful learners; this provides the base for our philosophy. Our well - balanced curriculum and the stimulating environment we provide help the child experience a natural learning process, which they are born to crave.

Welcome to Coronal Kindergarten.