About Us

Coronal Kindergarten was founded with an interest to provide academic courses at an affordable fee, to create a student-friendly environment, with a right combination of quality education and creativity through our principles of ABL (Activity Based Learning) and self -learning.

At Coronal Kindergarten, we provide a formal setting, we expose a classroom environment that's more about listening and interacting with the teaching instructors, learning through whole group instruction, individualized instructions, demonstrations and a combination of various modern learning techniques.

Our concern is the total child. We create an effective, flexible learning environment that fosters critical thinking, problem solving, to discover, classify information, clarify concepts, to experience, learn and explore effective communication and learning. We are focused in providing well- balanced programs that are age-appropriate.

Our contents are based on learning through play. We set the stage for meaningful play that has authentic intellectual content. We strongly believe that every single child is creative in her/his own way. We focus on tapping their creativity and bringing out the fullest potentials in every child that can help parents recognize their child's talents and interests and guide them to choose the right path in life. We are focused to develop confident and creative children.

We form a basis for their primary education. We also see it is extremely necessary to teach kids behavioral habits along with academics. We look forward that our students will lay a creative foundation for a better society and contribute to the success of our country.

Director's Note

We believe to learn, is to be creative.

Providing the right opportunity to develop the intellectual, physical, emotional, linguistic and social skills that will stimulate a child's imagination to grow, develop and to be creative.

At Coronal, our best achievements are seen in the happiness and smile our student's carry along every single day of school with us. Children that are happy always end up being very successful learners; this provides the base for our philosophy. Our well - balanced curriculum and the stimulating environment we provide help the child experience a natural learning process, which they are born to crave.

Welcome to Coronal Kindergarten.